Uk Sky Tv Abroad

Uk Sky Tv Abroad

To watch UK Sky abroad you need a Sky viewing card subscription and a original Sky box, both can be ordered through us and a satellite dish heading for ASTRA on 28.2°.

We ship to all European countries.

You do not need a UK address or UK bank account if using our Sky abroad subscription service!

To order Sky TV abroad just simply select the Sky Viewing Card bundle you want, select between Viewing Card only or Sky Box Bundles including Sky Viewing Card and select the Sky viewing package. You can also add Sky HD channels to your subscription After pressing the “add to Cart” button the product will be redirected to the shopping cart. The shopping cart will show you all the products you have chosen on this web site. If you are happy with your order click the button for “Checkout”. The monthly subscription is paid directly to Sky Digital via VISA or MASTER CARD.

By ordering a Sky Viewing Card you are entering a 12 months contact with Sky Digital UK and UKSATELLITE.TV.

You can renew your subscription after 11 month of contract for another year. We notify all customers 6 weeks in advanced for Sky account extensions. The Sky abroad subscription can be cancelled by giving at least four weeks notice prior to the first annual renewal, or any time after this 12 month term, by giving 31 days notice and sending the Sky Viewing Card back to UKSATELLITE.TV.

After you have installed your setup, you can easily activate your new Sky Viewing Card using the Account Activator and enjoy Sky UK television abroad.

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