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Valves Trend : End User Procurement Challenges in 2018

Valves Trend : End User Procurement Challenges in 2018

Valve industry is always interesting to discuss. Valve trend can be revealed in this year. There are end user procurement challenges in 2018 that must be faced by gas and oil actors and engineers. The challenges in valve trend and industry consist of some problems and matters making you able to solve and face it. What are the challenges that can be overcome in 2018?

The Development of Valve Technology

In 12 last months, the price of crude oil has been increasing. It is good news for oil and gas industry because it can activate oil and gas market. The supply of crude oil make the price stable. The demand of crude oil gets increasing affecting so much for economical sector. It also encourages the gas and oil industry to process and produce crude oil at high level. Due to the increase of crude oil demand, it makes valve trend changing.

Valve industry is more enthusiastic to welcome a good market of gas and oil. Manifolds valve, needle valve, globe valve, and many more have reached significant sales in gas and oil industry. It sounds great and good for this industry. But, when it achieved that sales, surely the demand of current technology for valves needs to increase. The valve industry must improve their technology to assist a faster crude oil production and process. It is clearly faced in 2018 to be an end procurement challenge.

Unstable Market Condition

There is good news but bad news appear. The sales of gas and oil cannot be stable per a year. In this year, it has a significant increase but the next year it may be dropped at the lowest level of gas and oil sales. The price of gas and oil is influenced by political issues and governmental policies of superpower countries. When the price is up, it sounds promising. But, it gets worst as the price is dropped. Decreased turnover will influence the demand of valves. Of course, it makes valve trend look not promising and credible. Valve industry needs to respond it wisely in order to still passionate and break the challenges in 2018.

Complex Demand of Valves

Valve industry usually has a contract to crude oil, gas, and oil supplier. It is important to ensure that the use of valves sent. The demand can be made one MRO combination from operational, local, regional, continental, and global factories. Every demand for different companies and factories commonly applies a different rule and regulation. It is caused that the valve usage is used for different business matters. It needs to fulfill complex demand of valves. As a valve industry, there is no way except improving its credibility and quality to meet one’s gas and oil company and industry requirements. The valve industry must be flexible in facing and predicting a sales market of its products. Types of common valve products must be recognized in order to produce better quality. The valve items can be looked at  discussing complete valve types for gas and oil industry.